22 Jun 2015

Packing for Europe: Shoes and Clothes to Take with You

Submitted by Karen

Hey, lovely people,

its Karen here once again and I’m back with some great tips that I recently learnt the hard way. Like Claire (see video) I was on a trip to Europe recently and it almost turned horrendous simply because I was not keen enough while packing and forgot some crucial pieces of clothing and shoes that I should have carried. Being me, I decided even though the trip was not being the best for me, I could make something out of it and make it a trip that would be worth remembering for others. I went around looking at what different people were wearing in different places and after some research, I came up with a comprehensive list of what you should carry on your next trip to Europe. 


Well, of course I would not expect you to go barefoot but there are certain types of shoes that I would recommend you guys to carry. The main thing when choosing shoes is to make sure that they are comfortable. Here are four types of shoes I chose that you should not miss out when packing for your trip. 

  • Boots
    Not only are boots comfortable but they are stylish and have some edginess to them. They are great for walking long distances and if you are a fun or nature walks like I am, you might want to have a pair of boots with you especially with the cold weather. They are also a nice pick because you can wear them with practically anything. 
  • Flats
    Alternatively, if you find the weather is too hot and you do not want to bake your legs, you can go for the flats. They are great shoes for walking as well and more so because they are also lightweight and allow for your feet to breathe so you can wear them for some time without any discomfort.

You can also carry an additional pair of boots just to change things up a bit and a funky pair of rubber shoes. A great tip to consider is to also pack thick socks that help to absorb the pressure and keep your legs comfy especially if you will be on your feet the whole day. 


Clothes are a make or break and you have to make sure that you are careful when selecting these. However, you might end up carrying your entire wardrobe and to escape this, the best way to go about it is to pack clothes that can give you many different looks. Personally I prefer carrying a lot of neutrals that I can change up with a pop of color from jewelry accessories or even make up. 

  • Layering pieces
    One of the ways to get different outfits from your clothes is by layering them and there are a couple of things I thought would be great for you to carry. 
  • A medium sized denim shirt
    It is a simple, button down shirt that you can use in so many ways. You can wear it or tie around your waist and you can even use it as a cardigan if the weather is not very kind. 
  • Black basic cardigan
    One, it has a neutral color so its use is limitless and it can come in handy in the chilly weather. You can also have what I call a grandpa cardigan which you can use a layering piece and is also a great layering piece. 
  • Bottoms
    I think this might be dictated by the weather but you can never go wrong with a pair of denim jeans whether it is hot or cold. I advise you pick a couple of common colors like blue and black but also having a deep red or maroon can be great because you can get a lot of use out of that. Also make sure that you carry some tights and leggings. Just make sure that everything you carry is comfortable since you may not have the time to go back and change it. 
  • Dress
    You have to be careful with the dresses because you need to make sure that regardless of the weather, you can be able to make use of it. A black sweater dress is always one of my saviors since at night I can just throw a pair of leggings underneath and starve off the cold. If you are feeling a little aggressive, you can also go for the scoop neck that shows a bit of your back and collar bone. 

Packing the appropriate dressing and shoes can be a great part of ensuring that you are able to enjoy your trip without having to constantly buy new clothes. This is more so the case when in Europe since the regions has diversity in climate. With the recommendations I have offered, you should find it much easier to pack without having to carry your entire wardrobe. Remember to always prioritize neutral colors as you can be able to get more outfits out of these. Before you throw it in your suitcase, always ask yourself, how many outfits will I get out of this? That way you do not end up with a lot of pieces that you will not need.