8 Jun 2015

Innovative Fit bit Charge HR Review

Submitted by Karen

If you have been looking for the ideal fitness tracker to monitor your health life progress, the Fit bit Charge HR is a most pertinent solution. The device tracks your daily physical activity and sleeping or resting periods. Furthermore the device has auxiliary features such as an in built app that allows you share your progress and any challenges with your other Fit bit friends or colleagues.


  • Long battery life.
  • Caller identification and a watch.
  • Heart rate Monitor.
  • Exercise and Workout tracking.
  • Silent Alarm feature.
  • Different colors (Plum, Blue, Black and Tangerine) and sizes (small, large and x large).
  • AC charger and wireless connection dongle.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Technology.

Why the Fit bit tracker is awesome

What sets the tracker apart from its other counterparts is the ability to measure your heart rate all-day. I found the sensor to be very accurate especially recordings of my resting heart rate which was an average of 59 beats per minute. This was rather consistent with other wrist fitness trackers that I’ve previously owned.

FitBit Charge HR

The device is made of durable flexible elastomer material and a surgical grade stainless steel buckle stainless. What’s more remarkable about the app is that it allows you to set goals that help monitor your progress. The tracker also has a seamless and a clear OLED screen which allows you to monitors your activity metrics.

I also found the alarm feature to be most convenient. Using the fit bit app, you can program up to 7 alarms on the designated tracker. Furthermore the device can also track your sleeping and active durations accurately.

You also get to sync the device with your smartphone, tablet or computer which will allow to log your progress and receiving any call notifications.  

Where can you get the tracker?  

On average the device sells for about $140 on the device's official domain. Alternatively, you can easily acquire it on most credible online shopping websites e.g. amazon.com or major reputable stores and shops.


Whilst some individuals might consider the device a bit too costly, the device is worthwhile buy and performs all its stipulated functions if not more. The device lacks any major drawbacks Its added auxiliary features make it fun and useful and the same time.