What is the ISTO?

International intermediary for all actions favouring the conception, elaboration and spreading of the best tourism for the greatest number of people.

As a world organization of social tourism the ISTO counts more than 165 member organizations in almost 35 countries.

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What is the ISTO?

The ISTO aims at "favouring the development of social tourism in the international framework. To this end it is in charge of coordinating the tourist activities of its members, as well as informing them on all matters concerning social tourism, as much on the cultural aspects as on the economic and social consequences." 

In a more concrete manner, the ISTO, an international non-profit association, aims at promoting access to leisure, holidays and tourism for the greatest number of people - youth, families, seniors and disabled people - and favouring the implementation of this objective and the means that follow with the stakeholders sharing this responsibility, namely the states, social actors and operators.

Its mission also aims at promoting a fair and sustainable tourism, ensuring profit for the host populations and respecting the natural and cultural heritage.  


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