6 Jul 2015

You have been dreaming about your trip abroad for as long as you can remember. Finally, you saved enough money to buy a ticket and spend a fabulous week in the city of your dreams. You arrive three hours early for your flight just to ensure nothing can go wrong. You fly for what feels like days over countless homes, lakes, and oceans. You finally arrive at your destination and within moments of getting of the plane, you find yourself being confronted by the locals for your choice in attire.

24 Jun 2015

That’s not an exaggeration. It’s not hyperbole, the fifty-cent word for exaggeration. A thousand miles were walked in three months and I wished someone had offered my team of adventurers the advice I am about to offer you in this article, before we packed our bags to begin the journey. I promise you, this will save your feet from pains far beyond minor discomfort.

18 Jun 2015

Europe is a great place to visit and there are so many sites to see and places to go, but if you are an American tourist, you certainly don’t want to look like a tourist. Looking more like a native will bring you less notice and can give you more access to some clubs. Although it is true that there may not be a lot of difference in the way Americans and Europeans dress, there are some subtle differences that you may not know about. 

11 Jun 2015

If The Shoe Fits, Buy It In Every Color

Get healthy in ease with New Balance Women's W750v3 Running Shoe. The New Balance Women's W750v3 Running Shoe is a women's sneaker offering neutral cushioning. It is a value-oriented health runner shoe providing comfort, support, and casual styling. 

New Balance Women's W750v3 Running Shoe Features:

Light weight

8 Jun 2015

If you have been looking for the ideal fitness tracker to monitor your health life progress, the Fit bit Charge HR is a most pertinent solution. The device tracks your daily physical activity and sleeping or resting periods. Furthermore the device has auxiliary features such as an in built app that allows you share your progress and any challenges with your other Fit bit friends or colleagues.


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